Finishes and accessories

Pail windows are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing for total customisation in terms of colour and wood species, as well as accessories.
The wide choice of various wood types and colour nuances allow for total customisation, also following style requirements through the production of regular or irregular, arched, trapezoid, porthole and sample shapes.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose, according to one’s needs, a series of accessories such as handles, shading systems such as shutters, flaps, monoblocks, and all the elements needed to protect the window from atmospheric agents, and to limit the
passage of external light into one’s home.

It is also possible to choose between different types of opening such as the classic casement, lifting sliding, parallel sliding, folding sliding, vasistas, pivoting, elliptical portholes, internal shutters, English grille on the glass, and specials to adapt the frame to the space available in the home.

In-house production with Made in Italy quality materials allows for total customisation of the window and its accessories, for a long-lasting and aesthetically elegant product.

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