TIGHTENING: Our window frames are assembled with mechanical tightening to ensure stability over time and resistance to climatic influences . This technique prevents cracks from forming in the wood, ensuring a long service life. The precision workmanship reduces waste and allows easy replacement of individual damaged pieces.

PAINTING: Window frames are painted using water-based products in an electrostatic environment, providing protection to the wood and ensuring color uniformity. Water-based paints have advantages in terms of durability, aesthetics and environmental impact. Pail’s standard paint cycle, with a 5-year warranty, includes four phases: impregnating, antibacterial, double insulating primer, and electrostatic finish. Upon request, Blue Shield Protection certification for 15 years for longer window frame life.

WARRANTY Blue Shield Protection: by Renner Italia offers 15-year warranties on windows and 8 years on shading systems for their frames. Aquaris coatings provide wear resistance, long-lasting brightness and protection from the elements. Passing the stringent World Wide test, certified by Atlas Material Testing Solutions, Aquaris coatings are a definitive barrier opposed to atmospheric corrosives.

Mechanical tightening

Our windows are assembled exclusively with mechanical clamping, an efficient, durable, safe and tested technique that has many advantages.

A mechanically clamped window is more stable due to the use of dowels, which act as a guide to facilitate the assembly of the sash, and the screw, which guarantees its stability over time.

Climatic influences demand particular resistance from wooden windows, whose corners are also subject to mechanical forces. If a glued corner is of insufficient quality or the maximum load of the window is exceeded, cracks are created in the sill.

Water and humidity penetrate the deformed corner, triggering a deterioration process that significantly shortens the service life of the wooden window.
The technique of mechanically clamping the corner avoids the formation of cracks on the sill as a result of pulling, retraction, and expansion of the timber, thus achieving a high degree of pretension against deformation of the corner knot.

In addition, the absence of milling of individual components results in greater precision in the machining of the components, significantly reduces production waste, and gives the possibility of producing windows without glazing beads, as well as the advantage of being able to quickly and easily replace the individual piece in the event of damage.

4 Hands Varnishing Cycle

The painting of windows and doors is carried out in an electrostatic environment, with exclusive waterbased paints, which protect the wood and ensure colour uniformity.

Water-based varnishes also offer advantages in terms of resistance, aesthetics and environmental impact, as very few solvents are released into the environment.

The 300-micron film of paint is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the window frame, from the inside of the glass seat, to the glazing beads on all sides including the side cut at 45°, in all counter-profile joints, this for greater insulation of the frame from phenomena generated by condensation in the glass, such as fungus, mould and humidity.
Pail’s standard painting cycle, with a 5-year warranty, consists of 4 phases such as:

Impregnating, transparent or coloured, antibacterial, anti-mould and antiwormwood;
First and second coat of insulating primer;
Electrostatic spray finishing with anthropomorphic robot for UV protection;

Upon request it is possible to request certification with Pail Protection painting valid for 15 years for windows and 8 years for darkening systems, which allows the window to last longer over time.

15-year warranty

We guarantee a duration of 15 years for window painting and 8 years for shutters

The purchase of our fixtures ensures you a high quality product, protected by our safeguard program. Thanks to the water-based paints used, the windows and doors maintain their shine for a long period of time, defying the wear and tear of time and atmospheric agents.

The paint that protects our frames is highly reactive and offers an elastic, waterproof and impact-resistant coating. It guarantees uniform color across the entire surface and excellent

The paints used to protect Pail frames are guaranteed for 15 years on windows and 8 years on darkening systems, as part of our exclusive protection program. Their reliability has been tested through rigorous quality and weather resistance standards in extreme conditions.

Pail paints act not only as simple protection, but as an authentic impenetrable barrier against corrosive agents, guaranteeing uncompromising defense for the duration and integrity of your windows and doors; characteristics that have been certified by the prestigious international institute Atlas Material Testing Solutions.